Patrick Nobbe

Software Engineer

About Me

I am an ambitious and enthusiastic Software Engineer driven to learn new technologies. Currently working as a full stack developer at my freelance company, Nobbe IT. I am a flexible and analytical learner who is able to apply new techniques quickly and proficiently. This means I am always prepared to try new things whenever opportunities arise.

I have done many things to expand my expertise outside of my educational experience at Avans University:

  • Founded my own freelance company that offers secure web development, Nobbe IT.
  • Established Skynex, a web development business.
  • Worked as a peer tutor while in school at Avans University.
  • Participate in competitive programming contests such as BAPC and NWERC.

If you would like to get to know me better, please take a look at the rest of my website. Don't be afraid to use the contact form to shoot me a message either. I am always up for a chat!


Nobbe IT


Starting Nobbe IT marks the beginning of my freelance career as a webdeveloper. At Nobbe IT I offer secure websites for companies that wish to improve their online presence with a secure integrity.


Software Engineering Intern

At TalentSoft I spent my time redesigning several components of a legacy application, merging them together into coherent architecture. This was done using ColdFusion.

Avans University of Applied Sciences

Peertutor Java

Being a peertutor at Avans has given me the opportunity to teach freshman students the basics of programming. Not only is this a good way to put your own skills to the test and refresh your memory, you also teach people something new.



My job at Skynex consisted everything between running a business and being a Software Engineer. Being a co-founder in a startup company has given me much insight into IT businesses that you will not learn anywhere else.


Bachelor of Science

September 2014 - February 2019 (Expected)

Avans University of Applied Sciences

During my time at Avans I have learned to become a professional software developer, fit to join any development team when I graduate. Next to my education at Avans I have also participated in the Avans competitive programming team, competing in international competitions such as BAPC and NWERC and helped to organize programming competitions within Avans itself.



The website I created for FSV-CSI, or FSV Cyber Security International, has a big emphasis on security. Built from the ground up using Node.js and Gulp and protected by a 384 Bits ECC SSL certificate, this website is a front-runner in cybersecurity.

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An Android-based TV show tracker with a parodical name that's only funny in Dutch. The app was unfortunately abandoned due to lack of time, and as such never released but instead open sourced. The app was written with performance and efficiency as the main priority. Making clever use of Android's caching system and asynchronous API requests to keep the application lightweight.

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Space Wars

Space Wars is a space-themed Battleships game, created in 4 days using Node.js and allowing for online turn-based action. While you won't find any other players online anymore, feel free to test the application by playing versus AI!

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I work with these skills on a near day-to-day basis and I believe describe me best as a developer:
I am proficient at, but don't regularly use:
I know, but don't use these days:

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